Virtual Reality in Geoinformatics

2015—Present: Open3D: Collaborative Editing for 3D Virtual Worlds

2012-2015: 3D Shenzhen city based on WebVRGIS

2010: 3D real-time visualization of the data under the seabed in an integrated network environment

2008—2010: 3D dynamic intelligent network landscape map based on SOA architecture

2007--2010: “WebVR-GIS Engine”: an engine integrating Virtual reality geographical environment and avatar on IE web browser. The applications include:

2007--2009: Real-time interactive 3D simulation development platform for online virtual communities

Virtual Reality in Bioinformatics

2010--2011: Unity3D game engine is employed to develop a molecular 3D visualization platform.

Virtual Reality in Medicine and Rehabilitation

2014—2015 EU FP7 ITN: LanPercept - Language and Perception

HCI for Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

2012—2014: Research and implement augmented reality on smart phone;