2014 "Chunhui Cup" Venture Contest in China, Winning prize;

2013 "Wallenborg Travel Grant" at UmeƄ university in Sweden;

2013 "Uminova Academic Business Challenge" in Sweden, "Best idea" prize;

2013 "Chinese post-doctoral academic forum in Cybernetics Science and Engineering"; Second Prize;

2012 "Chinese post-doctoral academic forum in Information Science and Technology"; Excellent Paper;

2010 "'Challenge Cup' National Competition in Business Plan" in China; Grand prize;

2010 "Chinese International Graduate Scholarship";

2009 "'Challenge Cup' National Competition in extra-curricular academic science and technology work" in China; Third prize;

2009 "Shandong Province Graduate Award for outstanding scientific and technological innovation" in China; Third prize;

2007 "Immersive Environment Co., Ltd" scholarship, The first prize;

2004 "National Computer Simulation Grand Competition" in China; Third prize